during lifetime, the body tends to degenerate and eventually shortens and loses vitality.

through the practice of yoga postures, that here after we will call asanas, the spine remains extended, unzipped and flexible.

internal organs open and extend. practicing each cell is full of life making the body vibrate. each of its parts, from the hand to the feet, are active. Each has its task to fulfill lift, extend, hold and rotate in an integral way.

if any part of the body has no sensitivity, the position is not complete. this total action is yoga.

the blink yoga props or yoga facilitator elements, provide the possibility to maintain the positions as long as you need, in a relaxed way due to the support offered by the blink yoga props.

the props offer the possibility of letting yourself go by the sensations awakened in you by the asanas.


since these props don't force the body, the use of blink yoga props is indicated for all life stages.